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December 15, 2018

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Bermuda's Environmental Future

"It's a shame that such a unique environment is being lost to urbanization. Bermuda had been practically isolated from the outside world for millions of years. It is very interesting to see how introduced species have changed and adapted to become their own species (for example, Bermuda cedar, Bermudiana, skink, some local snail species...) The recent influx of outside species (especially man) has practically ruined this uniqueness. Most local species are endangered and threatened by these outside species.
Too bad."
-Green Giant, 31/3/01

"I think I found some Black Widow spiders under my grandmother's floorboards a few months ago. She lives in Paget. No doubt that if they are indeed what I think they are, they likely didn't originate from here. I don't think that native species are the only ones being threatened by introduced species. What do you think?"
-Scared of Spiders, 19/5/01

"Dear Scared of Spiders,
What you found under your grandmother's floor were most likely brown widow spiders. They are now very common on the island. They are not very dangerous - Dr. Wolfgang Sterrer has informed me as well as others like you that it is definitely a positive thing to have them around, since they keep down the number of other pests in your house. Black widow spiders are not yet established on the island (although it is almost inevitable that they will be eventually). One was found at the Heron Bay Marketplace not too long ago (likely carried along with imported fruits and vegetables), but none have been found since.
-Alex Lines, 30/9/02